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How to Understand Foreign Phrases

Rigor Morris
The cat is dead.

Respondez s'il vous plaid
Honk if you're Scottish

Harlez-vous francais?
Can you drive a French motorcycle?

Veni, vipi, vici
I came, I'm a very important person, I conquered

Veni, vidi, visa
I came, I saw, I shopped.

Cogito eggo sum
I think, therefore I am ... a waffle

Que sera serf
Life is feudal

Leroi est mort. Jive leroi
The king is dead. No kidding

Posh mortem
Death styles of the rich and famous

Pro bozo publico
Support your local clown

Monage a trois
I am three years old

Haste cuisine
Fast French food

Quip pro quo
A fast retort

Aloha oy
Love; greetings; farewell; and from such a pain you should never know

Mazel ton
Tons of luck

Visa la france
Don't leave your chateau without it

Carne diem
Seize the meat

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