Tim Cadell
Boulder Creek CA 95006
Voice and voicemail: (831) 272-4846

Work History:

Lyris, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer

Engineering and maintaining several websites and back-end systems, including background servers supporting ClickTracks web analytics software. Integrating existing Web Analytics users with LHQ-based system.

• AutomatorsTeam implementing external-event driven rules-based system for automated email systems. Primary work is in PHP and MySQL, with special regard to high reliability, efficiency and optimization
• SALSupport system for JDC that distributes data files to multiple machines for high-availability and reliability. This system is part of an effort to improve JDC scalability. Written in Apache ModPerl with MySQL
• FakeVisitorsCreated system for internal use that generates fake but reasonable website traffic, this system leverages JDC data collection and EmailLabs API to inject traffic into ClickTracks Web Analytics. Configuration files allow sales personnel to modify fake visitor simulations. Written in Perl
• UpdateBoxDesigned and implemented consolidated system installer for all websites and back-end software in this list. System checks for presence of Perl and YUM packages, validates current database version, and validates system configuration files. Also allows for quick installation and rewind. Supports multiple websites and systems on one server. Written in Perl
• White LabelingImplemented "white labeling" Lyris domain name hiding for ClickTracks Hosted servers
• GUJConceived and implemented Grand Unified JavaScript: Consolidated JavaScript code for JDC data collection, allows each ClickTracks/JDC dataset and page to have individual settings that propagate from the JDC side with a minimum of code placed on each web page to be tracked. System provides the following functionality:
  • Multiple methods of specifying ECommerce value for each user session
  • Automatically detect and track exit clicks from websites
  • Automatically track loads of non-HTML file types like PDFs, customer definable by file extension
  • Automatically tracks browser type and display size
  • Allows Customer Defined Variables for individual pages. These are not displayed in URLs, so hide from users that the information is being tracked
  • Automatically connects and reconnects web-based sessions and customers to email campaigns
• WAMMaintained and extended Web Access Mechanism that consolidates all customers, dataset and user data for ClickTracks, provides API access from LHQ and other systems. Written in PHP and MySQL
• AutoImportDesigned, implemented and maintained system for downloading search engine marketing information (campaigns, adgroups, keywords and ads/creatives from Google AdWords API and Yahoo Search Marketing API. Written in Perl and MySQL, with SOAP XML
• BidHeroWorked on three different incarnations of BidHero before current system. Before Google AdWords API, the system had to "scrape" information directly from Google AdWords pages. Written in Perl and MySQL
• CTAdminClickTracks Admin: conceived and implemented system for maintaining ClickTracks Hosted customers and datasets, updating live data on www.clicktracks.com website (no longer in use), monitoring system activity and up-time, many other functions. Written mostly in PHP and MySQL
• JDCTook over JDC development at version 2, rewrote customer GUI system in Apache ModPerl for version 3. Original system was third-party cookie driven, I upgraded it to allow first- or third-party cookies, depending on dataset needs. Over 60 installations world-wide, including some versions running Windows Apache. Written in Perl and Apache ModPerl

Senior Software Engineer
February 2005-2006

Engineering company web sites and software in Perl and PHP, maintaining and extending Perl and Javascript system for collecting web traffic information, collating it for analysis. See Lyris above for details.

January 2000 to January 2005

System for Total Net that handled tracking of tasks, bugs and design changes for customers and developers with Total Net. DevTracker automatically sends out email notifications of changes, tracks submissions, testing, installation and responses by username and date. Also handles labor tracking, version control, and display of Comps.

MacMurray Pacific
April 2000 to 2006

System allows wholesale customers and sales personnel to access complete database of products available from MacMurray Pacific, place orders, and check on status of orders. Consulted on original web site and database design, implemented software in EmbPerl running under Apache, using MySQL for backend database. This system acts as a front-end for a legacy package written in UniBasic. HP-UX 11

Programmer and some design work
October 1999 to January 2001

Consulted on original design, worked with owners to improve site design throughout implementation, designed database and search capabilities including scored searches against database. MS NT 4.0 using Perl 5.05 with MS SQL 7.

Total Net
November 1998 to 2003

Website Designer, database designer, programmer.
Projects include: DevTracker, MacMurray Pacific, CardioGenesis, Kimpton Group Hotels, Motorola Lexicus, NannyBank, TaiSeng.

(via NupNet contract agency) Torrance, CA
September 1998 to April 1999

Large aerospace database/intranet projects involving parts tracking, MIL standard compliance, change tracking; including support for the International Space Station project. System was written with VB 6.0 and Oracle 8. Responsible for reports and COM components running under MTS. Reports were prepared using Active Reports and additional OCX products in addition to PL/SQL. Latest version was web-based using ASP, server-side data handling and Microsoft Transaction Server.

Lunar Traders
Owner/Web Designer
January 1998 to 2008

System uses Perl CGI to handle updating and displaying of product catalogs. The entire shopping cart system was implemented locally on the site. System also includes a different product suggested every time the catalog page is loaded, customer comments on notes (including email to sysadmin to check on unwanted comments), ability of customers to check on their orders through the web site.

The Jester's Court
Owner/Web Designer
October 1996 to present

Designed and continue maintaining this site. Used Perl scripts to rebuild the site in order to allow flexible data presentation and fast update.

Kerning Data Systems (via Enlightened Software Corp)
Application Programmer/Consultant
(818) 882-8712
20801 Dearborn St, Chatsworth CA 91311-5916
August 1995 to 2000

Upgrading and maintaining DOS based system for printing checks on two printers run in tandem, one built by KDS for printing MICR data, the other a commercially available printer taken from a list of about 10. System is written in Borland C++ v2.0 using Zinc 1.0 GUI library. All printer drivers are built into the software, including font management and some Targa image printing. Handles English, Spanish and Portuguese languages.
Contact Quentin Leef, owner.

Printrak International (via Enlightened Software Corp)
Database Designer, Programmer
1250 N Tustin Ave, Anaheim CA 92807
April 1993 to 1997

Worked on team upgrading and maintaining NPS "Network Photo System", a mugshot storage, retrieval and search system for police work. The system was coded in Microsoft C v5.1 using Raima's dbVista database system, Vista video capture and display card and 80386 computers. The largest implementation was capable of storing 800,000 photographs. Version control was handled with custom software I wrote as a front-end for PVCS.

Enlightened Software Corporation
Customer Support Consultant/Programmer
Anaheim, CA
April 1993 to December 2000

Consulting engagements involved travel outside the U.S. in addition to work in various domestic locales with customers of ESC including Printrak International and Kerning Data Systems.

Jet Products Corporation
System Engineer/Consultant
9106 Balboa Ave, San Diego CA 92123-1594
September 1979 to 1995

Assisted company in designing and implementing databases to handle previously paper-based accounting and manufacturing control systems. Started with TRS-80 Model II using TRS-BASIC (MicroSoft), progressed through Small Computer Systems' FilePro Plus and C programs running under Microsoft Xenix 16-bit Unix environment.

Programming Languages/Tools:

Has programmed in the following languages in rough order of experience:
ActiveMQHigh-availability messaging queue system
Perlversions 4 through 5.10
PHPversions 4 through 5.3
HTMLthrough HTML 4.0
CMS C 5.1, 6.0, Unix C
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
C++Borland C++ 2.0, 3.1, Borland C++Builder 1.0
BasicMS Visual Basic 6.0, TRS-Basic, GW-Basic
Z80 Assembly & Machine Language
PascalBorland Delphi 1.0
Active Server Pages (ASP)

Updated 08/12/2010

Has worked with the following database systems in rough order of experience:
MySQLthrough v5.10
Microsoft SQL Serverversion 7.0
FilePro 16 Plusthrough v4.8
Raima dbVista for Microsoft Cversion 5.1
Oracleversion 8.0
ADOversion 1.0