Here's my personal website.

Tim Cadell's Resumé.

The rest of this page is a collection of pictures of myself and my family.

First, my wife and I on our wedding day, April 17, 1999!
Our first baby pictures!

Next, me on a fishing trip in Canada with my brother and father.

My wife Sandra and I last (early 2000s?) year at the Renaissance Faire.

Next, a picture of my nephew Jamie. What a face!

This is my brother Pat all dressed up for his Prom! As you might guess, my brother is into all things Celtic.

Oh, and just for the record, since I was an extra in Starship Troopers, I, Michael and Rhonda Sheffield, Bruce Buckman and Greg Hemsath have Bacon Numbers of 3 (Us -> Rue McClanahan -> Burt Reynolds in Modern Love -> Kevin Bacon in Starting Over. I know, who cares?

I also have a mail order business for tapes and CDs at The Jester's Court

Sites I'm interested in: